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  For children 2 – 12 years old

Your child's natural language is play.  Whether the issue is emotional, behavioral, or a reaction to recent circumstances, this child-friendly process can address both feelings and behavior.  The outcome of our work together is that your child will feel better and do better.  And for you, the outcome of our collaboration will be added understanding, relief, and a practical plan.

Parents say they find me warm, accepting, and collaborative.  Children enjoy their  time here, communicate their reality to me, and learn new skills they like to use .



Sadness and moodiness

Inner Stress

Trouble with friends

Angry Behavior

Lack of Cooperation

Confusion re loss and change ex: death, divorce, moving



Happiness and Joy


Social Skills

Sense of Mastery


Relief and Security


"Melissa (11Years old):  "Lanie helped me when I needed friends. She helped me solve the problem."

Troy (10 Years old): "I came in feeling 80% bad, and angry all the time. Five months later I left feeling 99.99% good, like
something magic happened, and I don’t do angry things anymore."

Adrian (7 Years old) "After I play with you and talk with you all the sad things go away, and when I leave I feel much more happy and joyful"



Lanie made it a priority, early on, to give us real, practical steps we could put in place. This showed me that I had some control over the situation…I look foward to our appointments with Lanie because I I know it will be useful.”

“Lanie’s warmth and sense of humor complement her knowledge and expertise.”




  How Does Play Therapy work?

Play is a your child’s job.  Children learn though play, and they communicate to themselves and to us through play.  It’s their job and it’s their language.  S/he can choose to play board games, Lego’s, sand tray, puppets, card games, do art, or do magic tricks.   The REAL magic trick with Play Therapy is that while children play and have fun, they show themselves, work through confusion, and integrate their feelings.

  What Will the Outcome Be?

Although I will most often see your child alone, in this therapy you are a primary partner.  After we pinpoint why your child is struggling, the resolution is a combination of:  child’s self-expression and release of stressful emotions; child learning self-management tools; addressing developmental needs; home routines and dynamics; strategies to motivate change.  A happier child who is doing well is our goal.

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 Call me if you want to talk for a few minutes, or set up a free Get-Acquainted appointment.   At no expense, you can learn whether this is a good fit for you and your child.

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