LANIE RILEY, MSW-LICSW-LMP (206)   545 - 4266
   All my services are covered by insurance.

Appointment Times…are available weekdays.  Please call or email for an appointment, or with questions.

Insurance I am a Preferred Provider with most insurance companies. To make things easy for you, I will take care of the insurance billing.

No Insurance?  Ask about a pay-at-time discount.


All my services are covered by insurance, depending on your policy.

Free 25-Minute Get-Acquainted Appointment.  If you wish to meet me, I offer this opportunity.  I have learned over 18  years in practice that two good things can come from such a meeting. You have the chance to see if  we are a good “fit”.  I believe good chemistry and a common understanding make a difference.   And I will be better able to give you a good referral if we decide your challenges are not my expertise.  My personal and professional wish is that you get together with the best therapist for your needs without unnecessary expense.  


To find out about  your insurance coverage for massage, call the number on the back of your card, and ask about CPT codes 97140 or 97124.  Or I can help you with that.

Car Accidents.   L& I Claims.
If you need treatment for injury due to a car accident, or work-related L & I claim, I will take care of the third party billing, and keep all the records that are required.
Free 25-Minute Get-Acquainted Massage Session?   Sorry…don’t have those. But come on in…you won’t regret it.


"To thine own self be true"   Shakespeare.
Lanie Riley  MSW- LICSW-LMP   (206) 545-4266    In Wallingford near I-5