LANIE RILEY, MSW-LICSW-LMP (206)   545 - 4266

*  Master’s Degree in Social Work, 1993, U. of W.
*  Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker:
    #LICSW00005246, WA State
*  18+ years counseling adults, children, and parents
*  Specialized Training:  Insight Therapy; Child Development and Play Therapy; Energy Psychology/Thought Field Therapy; Creative Altered State Work; Bereavement

*  Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Health Education, 1980, Antioch University
*  Licensed Massage Practitioner:
    #MA00000248, WA State
*  30+ years experience in Massage Therapy and Energy Work
*  Specialized Training:  Deep Tissue; Neck + Back; Medical/Injury Treatment:   Polarity Therapy and Reiki

Lanie’s unique offering is her ability to work fluently with the whole person – Mind/Body/Spirit/Emotion – toward the desired outcome.  Fresh thought brings creative energy to her services.  Lanie is an independent thinker, reflecting her eclectic background and pioneering presence in several fields.  

Holistic.  While Lanie attended Antioch University to study Holistic Healing, she was honored with the opportunity to be on the Board of Guides for Antioch.  After graduation in 1980, she was on the Adjunct Faculty.

Counseling:  Lanie completed a Master’s in Social Work at the University of Washington in 1993.   For five years she provided counseling at the Multi-cultural Counseling Center, coaching for Headstart, and was Acting Director of Children Grieve, Too.  After earning licensure, she started her private counseling practice.

Mind.  Back when a computer weighed more than a car, Lanie designed and programmed computer systems for a handful of years.   Her logical systems thinking  works well with her ability to listen with her heart.

Body.  Lanie was also a pioneer in the massage field.  In the mid-70’s, when doctors and insurance had never considered massage, she co-founded the Seattle Massage School.   With 30 years of practice, her hands have a physical knowing that is beyond thought.

Spirit.  Lanie’s philosophy:  when one calms the mind and listens to the amazing wellspring of silent knowing, satisfaction can flow into your life.  Lanie’s recent study is the work of Dr. Dan Seigel, deepening relationship through mindfulness.

Now:  Fresh thought brings creative energy to her services.  With adults, she responds to the client’s preferred way of working.  With children and parents, her playful wisdom makes the learning fun.  Her non-judgmental warmth and enjoyment of her practice shines though.

Conclusion:  Many diverse streams join together to become a deep river.

Individual Counseling
:  To live a fulfilling life, strike a match between your inside world and your outside world.  Inner clarity leads to outer change.  Fresh thought.

Parent Coaching:  Good Parenting is the gift that keeps on giving…forever.

Child Play Therapy:  Children may need extra help to reveal and relieve confusion and distress, and to learn self-management tools.  Creative energy.

Massage Treatment:  Relief from stress and pain makes life so much better.  Explore your body through my hands as I listen deeply to your tissue…you may feel like you’re coming home, to yourself.  Aaaaaaaaahhhh...

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            “To thine own self be true.”    Shakespeare


Preferred Provider with Most Insurance Companies
Lanie Riley  MSW- LICSW-LMP   (206) 545-4266    In Wallingford near I-5