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                     STEP- FAMILY TUNE UP

When you come in for a Tune Up, you will gain practical approaches.

  To keep good feelings going, there are ways you can create family togetherness. If you both come in, discussion will go smoothly with my facilitation, each person’s point-of-view is validated while we problem-solve for the whole. I can be your guide as you:

>   Take a look at differences in parenting style, and make clear agreements.     The   kids will feel consistency and you will avoid misunderstandings.

> Uncover Unspoken Expectations – they are a potential minefield.

>   Resolve other issues such as: jealousy, feeling left-out, step-sibling rivalry.

  This work magically strengthens both your family and your marriage.

  Call or email me to talk about possibilities. If you keep family dynamics clear and   conscious, you keep your family strong and happy.



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