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Children grieve, too. Because their grief symptoms are different than ours, children may look like they are not feeling much loss. But they are wrestling with confusion and sadness, too. If you have more than one child, their ages color how they each respond.

There are simple things you can do for them. You can reassure them about your own safety and theirs by always showing up on time. You can answer their biggest question by telling them the death was not their fault. When they ask blunt, graphic questions about death, you can learn to give them the right amount and right kind of information.

Facing a death can be overwhelming…it’s a good time to ask for help. Come in for a session or two, and we can talk about easy ways to be there for your kids.

You may also find relief and comfort in receiving some bereavement counseling for yourself. Having a safe place to express your own grief, and learning how to live beside it, can start your healing journey. I can be your guide as you live through this time, and help you to be present for your children.

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