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“Lanie gets to the heart of the matter in an engaging manner.”

Why Counseling?
When you are fighting upstream against the current, counseling can help you. Small changes stream together to form a powerful river that can carry you smoothly forward into the life you want to be living.

Issues You May Face
> Relationships                     > Work problems
> Continual struggle           > Transition
> Overwhelm                          > Lack of confidence
> Emotional pain                  > Depression and anxiety
> Bereavement
Note: With Bereavement Counseling, healing happens by allowing your grief to have space, and by expressing your grief through words and ritual.

My style includes collaboration, warmth, and authenticity. Intuition complements intelligence.
> Insight Therapy
> Creative Altered State Work
> Energy Psychology and Healing
> Useful Tools You Can Learn
> Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

How Does it Work? The 4 Steps of Counseling
A counselor can help you to:
Step One: Define what you want and do not want.
Step Two: Increase your strengths, understanding, and confidence.
Step Three: Transform blocks through problem solving, insight, and release.
Step Four: Integrate changes into your everyday life. Fine-tuning. Strengthen the changes by enjoying the results.

Desire becomes Dream becomes Goal becomes Action becomes Your Life.  What do you desire?

I  welcome your call to talk about what you want and how I can help.

                         “To thine own self be true.”



  “Lanie always assumed I had the answers within me and she skillfully helped me find them.”

“I prefer your egalitarian approach.”

“I was leaving my single East coast life to start my life in Seattle – massive transition. Step by step, week by week, we looked at all the pieces. Today I have wonderful new friends, a thriving business, and a terrific marriage. I believe the work I did with Lanie facilitated those changes.”

“You bring in the body’s wisdom.”

“The altered-state work for calming my nerves about the big decision was profound!”

“The effect of my cognitive therapy with Lanie : life is more pleasurable.”

Preferred Provider with Most Insurance Companies
Lanie Riley  MSW- LICSW-LMP   (206) 545-4266    In Wallingford near I-5