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Hand-made expressly for you.

"The body is the soul."       Theodore Roethke

Take care of yours


Your Choice
After providing massage mindfully for 30+ years, my healing hands have a wisdom of their own that will respond directly to your individual needs. When you receive a massage that is hand-made expressly for you - not the common generic massage – you become more intimate with your own body and how to care for it.

Your Gain
Body work is a pleasurable path to release stress and relieve pain, as well as an avenue to deepen self-connection. Refresh. How you choose to treat stress and pain can make the difference between burn-out and an energetic approach to life.

* Releases Stress. Removes Pain.
* Calms and Clears the Mind
* Offers Nurturing Deep Rest.

Come home to yourself. You’ll find a good massage leaves you relaxed and renewed, grounded in body and soul.

Embrace Wellness… So! What do you want from your massage treatment?

Call or email today to make an appointment. How can I support your comfort and wellness?

Preferred Provider with most insurance companies.
Eligible for Health Savings Account (HSA) aka, Cafeteria Plan.

“ Lanie gives the best massage treatments I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a lot!” Lynn

“After a massage with Lanie I feel loose, at peace, in balance…more aware of my body’s needs…” Sue

“ A massage with you is not just body massage. I feel like you massage my mind, too.” Jan

“Your hands go directly to my discomfort every time. You are my healer.” Yvonne

Lanie Riley  MSW-LICSW-LMP  (206) 545-4266 

  In Wallingford   near I-5