LANIE RILEY, MSW-LICSW-LMP (206)   545 - 4266

For parents of children 2 – 12

 You can come in for a 1-3 sessions, and we can look at what is going will not only gain more understanding about your child’s current developmental phase, and how behavior is effected by inborn temperament will also learn some practical tools and approaches.  

For Clients I Have Seen Before:  Consider me as a part of your resource network, like your pediatrician.  Since I already know you and your child, it will likely be easy to resolve a current issue. A check-up is an excellent way to fine-tune and deepen changes that were made during Child Play Therapy or Parent Coaching.

    Feel free to give me a call, and we can chat for a few minutes about what you want.  A stitch in time….



Preferred Provider with Most Insurance Companies
 Lanie Riley  MSW- LICSW-LMP   (206) 545-4266    In Wallingford near I-5