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Come in together and learn how to give and/or receive a wonderful massage that brings pleasure and relief to you both.  You have the chance to learn from someone who has taught literally hundreds of professional and beginner massage students: Lanie was a co-founder and instructor of the Seattle Massage School. You will find it is an effortless and enjoyable experience both giving and receiving.  You set the agenda.  The time can be split between the two of you, or with focus on only one person.  We’ll start wherever you are.

  What Clients are Saying
Him: “It was great learning a little more of the technical side of massage.  I love giving backrubs, but never really felt like I knew what I was doing. Lanie’s tutoring was relaxed and helpful, and gave me confidence in what I was doing.”
Her:  “I used to approach massage as if I needed to do it ‘right’, but with Lanie’s tutoring….I really got to be present with my partner, and felt deeply connected.  Plus I slept great that night!”
Possibilities Include:

Beginning Massage Tutoring

Advanced Massage Tutoring

Problem Focused Massage

Developing your Own Style

The Art Aspects

Energy Work

Taking Care of Yourself

Tuning in to the Other


Bring someone with  you – your love, a friend, or family member – and wear easy clothes. It’s that simple!  Also makes a unique and wonderful gift!  
Feel free to give me a call to talk about the details and set up an appointment.
 (206) 545-4266

Preferred Provider with Most Insurance Companies
Lanie Riley  MSW-LICSW- LMP   (206) 545-4266    In Wallingford near I-5